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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Odds and Chances

Growing up, I didn't dream of the perfect wedding, the perfect groom, or the perfect wedding dress like the image of little girls they show on TV. Basically, I didn't think much of anything that might even lead to a wedding.

But before I shock any of my longtime friends who might be reading this, the point of this writing is about "odds and probability," and not marriage...goodness, NO!
Watching House M.D. and finding out that the couple I am rooting for, Dr. Cameron and Dr. Chase, are actually dating in real life, I've got myself thinking about chances. Sure, they're cute, but what I find more interesting is that they are the same age, born of the same year, but from different continents. Who would have thought that the baby boy born in Melbourne a few months earlier than the baby girl born in CHicago would ever meet, like each other, and date someday? Isn't it mind boggling?

Heck, of course in this day and age, overseas travel is almost taken forgranted, but the game of chance is a fairly tricky s.o.b. The probability of someday dating a person born of the same year from another part of the world, and meeting in a place neither of you have ever lived in before is really fascinating.

I mean, sure it's cute to watch childhood sweethearts meet again after a couple of years and fall in love and end up together--as it happens in movies. But I reserve that fairytale in movies. Truth is, when I meet couples who've crawled together since diapers, I often think, "why didn't you live a little and explore?" Anyway, like I said, I am more interested in the the game of chance and probability. Beating the odds is whats interesting in life, be it career, money, and love. Love stories that that beat the roll of the dice-- so to speak-- are much more interesting than "we were neighbors and we liked each other in braces."

On the other hand, what about the person in the this age of travel, a frequent single traveller (READ: You often travel alone), and has not met even ONE person among the other frequent sole travellers that she could fancy? What are the odds of that happening?


Blogger Lost said...

aww, you're getting soft...but i know exactly what you mean.

Speaking of which, will you be here for risa's wedding?

9:42 AM  
Blogger Lost said...

Hi Cha,

Yes she's getting married. I know you're invited,the question is will you be here?

As for me, I'm lightyears away..still at that stage where I shudder when I hear someone is getting married.

1:56 PM  
Blogger ms. travelocity said...


I hear you! I'm happy for Risa, but marriage is not my thing for now.

10:17 PM  
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