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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful

It’s easy to hate beautiful people. By no virtue of their own, with absolutely no effort, and by simply winning the genetic lotto, they're immediately given a head start in navigating the confusing cauldron called life. Perfect symmetrical faces and body draw people unconsciously to them. All things being equal, there is a higher probability that the boss will promote the more beautiful employee. With 2 equally superior product presentations, the more striking sales officer would more likely clinch the deal. Beauty is power…. and all that cliché.

So it’s nice to comfort ourselves when we see evidence that beautiful people utilize their advantage in lieu of other tools known to man—like the brain. When beautiful people say stupid things, we can breathe a sigh of relief, pat ourselves on the back, and take comfort that even though we don’t have perfect cheekbones, we can atleast construct coherent sentences.

When we see beautiful, stupid and spoiled people, we can actually take out the champagne and make a toast. All is not lost after all for most average Joes!

Philippine entertainment is a most pit of beautiful, mostly talentless, young airheads. I can’t really blame the quality (or lack of) of our celebrities to plain stupidity and vanity like –say—Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson. We live in the 3rd world, so a lot of beautiful people take the fastest way to wealth open to them, and in the Philippines, that’s show business.

Even though 80% of the population is poor, celebrities here can live the kind of life that is the antithesis of the poverty statistics. Most of the new breed of young celebrities went into the business to help the family, and to become the income generator for the parents and x number of siblings. They didn’t have a burning ambition to sing, or act, or dance since they were little like Justin or Britney, and they didn’t even consider the need to take lessons to hone their –er-- talents. Money is often the sole motivating factor. So what do you get when your selection pool is made up of mostly beautiful but passionless people whose main purpose is money? You get cut rate entertainers.

Is it obvious that this pisses me off? Millionaires at 18, and the best that they can do is not to fumble a line they monotonously deliver on screen. The young “celebrities” here make Hilary Duff look like Meryl Streep. No wonder the
Korean Wave is kicking the local celebrities’ asses.

One exception to my universal disgust is the amazingly beautiful young actress (and I use this term loosely) Angel Locsin. Any girl would hate her. She’s in her early 20s and already a millionaire several times over. She owns several properties, she has a zillion cash cow endorsements aside from being the favorite pet of her studio company, and she is amazingly beautiful (have I said that already)?

She’s also a bad actress-- mediocre at most.
She also can’t sing or dance to save her life.

But I don’t hate her. She could be stupid for all I know, but she rarely gives whorish interviews like most of her contemporaries for anyone to figure out her brain capacity. That in itself is admirable. Sure she’s a mediocre entertainer, but so are most of the young celebrities out there. Atleast she doesn’t pose in endless publicity stunts to get even more attention than she deserves, like what most of her contemporaries do. Yes she’s more beautiful and sexy than most people (and all natural), but you don’t see her hounding the covers of every fashion and men’s magazine published in this country. Minus her millions, she genuinely comes off as a refreshingly unaffected but very beautiful girl you can actually like.

I once heard a girl say enviously, “Do they really produce people like her?” while looking at Angel’s picture.
She does have a face of a sexy Angel--the uber deadly combination-- but the fact that she doesn’t come off as being singularly defined by this definition is the quality that truly makes her enviable.


Blogger Lost said...

Let me know if you do settle in NYC. Maybe I can visit you one time?I haven't yet found the courage to move my life so maybe one day soon. My mom lives in NJ so I will eventually get to visit you!

Make sure you take care!And just in case you're here Feb 16, you're definitely invited!(haha, unahan ko ba si Risa! Don't worry, with permission naman eh).

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