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Monday, September 11, 2006

Cold and wet Friday dinner

Yeah, we looked effn happy last Friday, but before my sister and I managed to have dinner with our Japanese friends, we had to get through some teeny tiny obstacles.

First, I got stuck in traffic for more than an hour. I was staring at rear lights of cars for more than an hour because no one can move the damn truck blocking 2 lanes in the highway which resulted to a 500 meter long bumper to bumper traffic.

Second, it was raining so bad, and one of the Japanese girls brought her mother and sister to dinner. I didn't mind her family joining us, but I felt somehow responsible that they had to walk for an hour under the rain becaus the taxi queue was just so long. Ater Terumi and her family alighted from the Edsa Metro station, they couldn't wait for a taxi seeing that the line was snaking a block because of the rain. They thought that Capones Bistro was just a short walk from the station based on the map they bought, but I guess they thought wrong. I feel so embarrassed that the poor mom had to walk through the rain and for an hour!!!

Lastly, Capone Bistro was a HUGE let down. I don't know what the magazine editors who featured this restaurant were thinking, but I vote 2 out of 5 stars for this place. The ambiance was boring. The interior design was negligible; you would hardly think you're in any place special. The food was just as bad. And it wasn't only the taste, even the presentation of the food was unappetizing. My dog can serve better food, and he can't even cook! I recommend people to skip this Makati dig altogether.

Inspite of that, we did have a great time, and I was so glad to see my friend Tomoko again! Till next time peeps!


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Anonymous tutubi said...

don't believe the magazine editors and lifestyle writers of newspapers

they write good reviews for people willing to treat them to a free dinner or travel somewhere...

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5:16 PM  

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