Life is Motion

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Visual yoga

Men who can handle the wheels confidently are always sexy

Bad ass, I like....

If you can look hot even if you have a serene expression, then that's 2x hotter

Yeah, I like men with attitude

I've been too tired to post anything.
Anyway, instead of writing about travelling (or not writing as I have been doing lately), I just want to make myself feel de-stressed with good ol' fashion visual stimulation. Everytime I will look back at this entry, I would feel good because my senses are having a swell time with the pictures.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Da Vinci Code and Paris

The Louvre

River Seine

I just got back home after watching The Da Vinci Code.

I am curious how the book and the movie are viewed by non-Catholics or non-Christians. For a born and raised Catholic like me who grew up in the only predominant Catholic country in Asia, the book and film have a more profound meaning because I was brought up under the Church's teachings and doctrines. My faith was shaped by these beliefs, and the Da Vinci Code was written so convincingly that it has even become a significant enough threat that the Vatican has even issued official statement about the book being a work of fiction, and that the Catholic faithful should not believe in it.

I am not even a strict practicing Catholic. I did not have a reaction against the book and I really really found The Da Vinci Code a fascinating read inspite of the critics. But the film is a different matter. It sucked. One critic called in "servicable" and I think he was being generous with the comment. If the book managed to draw people into the history of the Catholic Faith and even question its teachings, then the movie managed to do the opposite for me personally.

The movie was so unconvincing, and so uninspiring, you would have no second thoughts that the theories presented in the film are pure fiction. If the Catholic Church thought that the movie will even raise more questions and doubts about the history of Christianity, I think they can rest their worries because the film may have even done the opposite effect.

The only thing that affected me in the film was the locations. It was set in Europe and I miss Europe so much. Most of the location was in Paris and I was there last autumn. Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world. I miss the culture, the history, the geography, and the people. I miss Europe and I want to go back soon.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

My friends in Singapore

Gawd, I'm freakn blow fish. I need to sign up to Fitness First's Nike Rockstar Hip Hop class asap! Oh, anyway, the pic was taken infront of the display window of Takashimaya's LV store. Me and the gals are pretending Bi is the model instead of Gisele Bundchen.
Sweet Mate. She's in love, but it's a long distance relationship. She's in Singapore and he's in her hometown back in the Philippines. Good luck kiddies!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Election in SIngapore

Well, it's voting time again in Singapore and frankly, I don't understand the process. Singapore is a parliamentary government, the model that evil little girl GMA is railroading back in the Philippines. What I do know is that Singapore lives under the giant shadow of Lee Kwan Yu. He's a scary guy, quite the dictator. Although he's no Marcos, and he did turn Singapore from a 3rd world to a 1st world country, dictators still leave a bad taste in my mouth (if I could spit GMA, I would).

Anyway, here's to another year of re-election to Lee Kwan Yu's party.

Friday, May 05, 2006

So sick

I am sick in Singapore.

I can't believe I'm in bed right now in my friend SHikin's apartment here in Woodlands and I can't even summon the energy to eat. What kind of holiday is this? I'm nursing a slight fever when I haven't been sick for a long time! And the gloomy SIngapore weather is not helping either.

I guess it's goodbye to Zouk and hip hop tonight.